Happy Father’s Day To All The Dads In Potchefstroom

This coming Sunday is Father’s Day again and from me, I want to wish each and every dad in Potchefstroom a brilliant, fantastic fathers day.

I saw a letter on the internet from a son who wrote his father a letter and I thought I just wanted to share it with you.

He says

Happy Father’s Day. I can’t say this in person and so I’m writing this letter.

I am so honored and blessed to be born as your son.

You’re a strong pillar of our family.

In the toughest times, despite the financial crunch, you filled my childhood with happiness, and showered me with the joy of the little things in life.

Thank you for giving me such beautiful memories and learnings, which I will pass on to my children.

You have guided me through all my life, and you helped me achieve what I wanted in my life.

You have given me the freedom to explore things that taught me to be brave.

I am lucky to have you, love your son!

It was it was such a beautiful message for me.

I know being a dad can sometimes be tough, but it’s worth it!

All the dads in Potchefstroom I salute you.